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Tracking & Mixing:
$40/hour (2 hour minimum)

$360 for a continuous 10 hour block (you get the 10th hour free!)

Mastering: $35/song

Archiving: $15/song

Mixing from self recorded tracks: $45/hour (explanation & tips here)

Mixing with band present: $45/Hour (explanation here)

Drum Rental Fee: $40 per session to use our drum kits (to cover drum heads, wear and tear, etc. Our drums are usually setup saving you an hour's worth of work anyways)


To see upcoming sales see our sale page.

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Referral Program

If you refer a band who records at The Cow, it can earn your band two free hours per referred band (that comes in and books ten hours or more). It adds up; we recently recorded a band that earned $160 in recording time just by referring two other bands.

"Don't Be A Stranger" Deal
We have a special deal here at The Cow. After finishing a project with us, if you come in within six months to record again, you get 10% off the entire 2nd project. It must be within 6 months from the previous project’s end date and it must be an entirely new project. (Not to be combined with any other special offer.)

We also have Cow-Bucks, which are gift certificates for recording time. They make good birthday and Christmas presents from your loved ones. They can also be used to save up cash for recording; when you get some money, trade it in for Cow-Bucks and you won’t be tempted to spend it before recording.

We get many questions as to how much recording costs. As an example of how much it costs to record a rough demo and if you are new to recording an example of a typical session check out our Estimate page.

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Not all bands are the same; Apocalypse Cow, a recording studio that's different.

To contact Apocalypse Cow Recording - info@callthecow.com - 630-897-9023