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Tips and info for the first time recording at Apocalypse Cow:

What is Set-Up?
Setting up instruments
Setting up mics
Setting up compressors and EQs (which helps us get the best sound for you)
Line check (Are we getting sound out of all the mics?)
Sound check (getting good levels)
Monitor headphone mix for band

What is Tracking?
Recording of scratch track -
(Everyone plays and is recorded, but the drums have to be right!)
Record overdubs
Fix any instrumental flubs
Double-up any instruments
Vocal overdubs and double-ups

What is Mixing?
Compressing and evening of tracks
De-noise - pulling out unwanted sound, such as...
Sticks dropping,
Breathing between phrases
EQing of tracks
Effects on tracks
Pan - stereo imaging of each track
Volume - rough and final automation

What is Mastering?
Finalizing - Exciting, Compressing, EQing . . .

What Do We Take Home?
We will burn one master disc for the band. If you need more discs and do not have a burner, we can suggest a reasonably-priced service bureau or print a short run for $1.25 per disc.

What's it Cost?
$360 a ten hour day, or $40 an hour; Plus $15 per song for archiving fee.

What Can I Do To Be Prepared?
Bring extra strings, sticks and batteries
Bring two sets of lyric sheets (1 for you, one for me)
Bring a tuner or two
Replace guitar and bass strings
Replace old drum heads (kick and snare especially)
Tune drums to key of song (if you're doing a ton of songs, tune to the single)
Tell us in advance about size of drum kit
Tell us the kind and number of instruments you plan to use
Tell us about special or exotic effects you want
Bring your best-sounding gear, not ALL your gear
Keep friends out of room while recording
Better yet, leave them at home
*** This isn't cuz I don't like your friends: they have the coolest stories,
but I'll end up listening to them instead of you (and that's bad). ***
Don't drink a milkshake before singing
Straight, sober, rested and not hungover

Buster, we got rules around here . . .
We keep our prices down by asking everybody to clean up after themselves and all that . . .
Okay? Cool, thanx . . .
No liquids near gear or in booths except in "sippy bottles"
No smoking indoors ("As long as you're under my roof...")
Band members only on mix days (You'll thank me later...)
No fighting.
Got a problem?
Go outside,
And handle it like "men".


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