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We at Apocalypse Cow have been working hard lately with some great bands. If you're curious about who they are, here you go. If you're curious about what some sound like, hear examples through this link or listen to our Podcast:

See testimonials from previous artists:


Ford Motor Company
Victoria Amplifiers

Ounce of Prevention
Naperville Community Television
First Alert

Mountain Dew
Missouri Children's Hospital
joue joue
Robotic Amusements
Geek 2 Geek
You Can Learn Series

Experimental PowerPop -
Tub Ring from Underground Inc (their album we produced, "Zoo Hypothesis," spent 8 weeks on the CMJ charts hitting #65 in the top 200 and getting #17 most added in its first week).
Roughly Enforcing Nostalgia of Boulder Hill, IL
The Visitors of Boulder Hill, IL
Little Red and the Hoods of Chicago, IL

Rock -

Angry Laughter of Bloomingdale, IL
Steady Chaos of Naperville, IL
The Future Burns of Chicagoland, IL
Curio of Wheeling, IL
The Korrupt of Chicago, IL
Patmos of Palatine, IL
Subject to Change of Clarendon Hills, IL
Stereo Strikes Back of Chicago Heights, IL
Vanattica of Mohamet, IL
Solanum of Wheeling, IL
Honey Glass of North Aurora, IL
The Band that Neverwhas of St. Charles, IL
Paid Pilots of Chicago, IL
Fair Herald of Chicago, IL
Altgeld Forgotten of Oak Park, IL
Vital Kin of Mount Prospect, IL
Soap from Digitone Records
Analog Radio of Chicago, IL
Corpslight of Fayetteville, AR
The Only Theory of St. Charles, IL
MFDVR of Wilmington, IL
The Ending of Champaign, IL
Bluebottle of Palatine, IL
Emerging from Van Doors of Joliet, IL
Into Oblivion of Hammond, IN
Michael John of Lisle, IL
Corridor of Joliet, IL
Wonderloaf of Chicago, IL
A.D.D. of Oak Park, IL
Black Tie Affair of Boulder Hill, IL
The Yellow House of Chicago's South Side
West of 47 from ...west of Rt 47
Apt of LaGrange, IL
The Hunt Club of Aurora, IL
Etchfir of Byron, IL
Chasing You of Oswego IL
Loukeelium of Aurora, IL
Not Mikey of Minneapolis, MN (The Golpher State)
Silent Fighting of Algonquin, IL
Stone Samadhi of Yorkville, IL
Marty Wylder of Chicago, IL

Punk/Rock - Pop/Punk -
The Old Comiskeys of Chicago, IL
Step-Nephew of Elk Grove Village, IL
Headspins of Chicago, IL

Ink Lasts Longer of Carol Stream, IL
Murfey's Law of Carol Stream, IL
Two Minutes Later of Naperville, IL
Next Best Thing of Naperville, IL
Four To Zero of Aurora, IL
The No Tell Nothing of Wheaton, IL and Minesville, NY
Confused of Elk Grove, IL
Aunt Martha of Aurora, IL
Alexa Anselme of Batavia, IL
Gloom Sprinkles of Batavia, IL
Going Home of Plano, IL
Hank's Gotta Go of Itasca, IL
One Step Behind of Yorkville, IL
Orefisaurus of Oak Park, IL
Postoasties of Oswego, IL
Squeegee Thieves of Oswego, IL
Tagalong of Oswego IL
Wrong Turn of Oak Park, IL
Graduation band from Elmwood Park, IL

SKA - PowerPop - Emo
People on Trial of West Chicago, IL
Cesar Corral of West Chicago, IL
Ten Miles To Trent of Park Ridge, IL
Save The Whale of West Aurora, IL
Slightly Paradise of Iowa City, IA
the Red Jacket of Wheaton, IL

Space Rock -
Blaked of DeKalb, IL
Calebs of Bloomingdale, IL
Douser of Plano, IL
The Stun of Aurora, IL
Trauma Effect of Oswego

Cover Bands -
Bates Motel of Oak Park, IL
Flanl of Oswego, IL
The Acoustibobs of Chicagoland, IL
Send in the Clones of Aurora, IL

The Filthy Mittens of Chicagoland
The Boxx Elders of Chicagoland
Sarcastic Saints of Wheaton, IL
The Detours of Brookfield, IL

Blues - Folk - Rock -
Greg Boerner of Batavia, IL
The Guardians of Naperville, IL
PB for J of Villa Park, IL
Gary Landess of Western Springs, IL
Combustible Freedom of Geneva, IL
CrossTown of Naperville, IL
HooHah of St. Paul, MN

Country -
Kim Anthony of Aurora, IL
Scott Eversoll of Naperville, IL
Becky Lynn
Brita and the Hix of Wheretheheck, Idaho
Billy Croft of Batavia, IL
Silo of Aurora, IL
Shannon Clark, Naperville, IL
Michael Merrell, Batavia, IL

Solo Artists -
Crystalized of Bolingbrook, IL
Michael Roz of Naperville, IL
Tommy Fish of Taiwan
Alison White of Chicago, IL
Sarah Mendenhall and her Lullabies of Sycamore, IL
Mike Nutt of Naperville, IL
Christian Beardsley
Ben Austin of Upper Pennisula, MI
Dave Rehfeldt of Kankakee, IL
Jeff Lamarre of Oswego, IL
Bob Happ of Aurora, IL
Scotti Montgomeri of Kankakee, IL
Russi Gore of Forest Park, IL
Brent Brown of Naperville, IL
Mike Mihalo of Naperville, IL
Joon Park of Chicago, IL
Lee Donovan of Naperville, IL
Charlie Davison of Chicago, IL
Derrick Martens of Naperville, IL
Lisa Matthews of Aurora, IL
Kevin Singer of Naperville, IL
of Naperville, IL
Stephanie Hosea of Chicago, IL
Brad Gale of Bolingbrook, IL
Ed Hochevar of Joliet, IL
Abbi Rajasekhar of Chicago, IL
Logan Nolin of the Quad Cities, IA
Bil Orland of North Aurora, IL
Rob Kleiner of Chicago, IL
Courtney Jay
, Valparaiso, IN
Johnny Badlaw of Aurora, IL
Francis Slama of Oswego, IL
Gary Chezem of Aurora, IL
Matt Phelan of Romeoville, IL
Michele Blando of Naperville, IL
Johnny "None More" Black of Darien, IL
Joe Turba of Schaumburg, IL
Angie Mead
of Chicago
Stacy McNeil of Yorkville, IL
Adi Akkapeddi of Batavia, IL

Religious/Christian Music -
Gary Chezem and company
First Star Destiny of Bartlett, IL
Enriched Affections of Batavia, IL
of Bartlett, IL

of Schaumburg, IL
Annie Waugh, Bolingbrook IL
Rob Martis of Joliet, IL
Scott Cyphers of Dekalb, IL
Pete Kruse of DeKalb, IL

Children's Music -
Tim Hannig of Pro Kids Show
joue joue (Shelly Tosh) of Naperville, IL
Father Pete Jankowski of Joliet, IL
Missouri Children's Hospital

Metal -
The Corialis Effect of Boulder Hill, IL
Pandora's Box of Joliet, IL
Beneath Betrayal of Aurora, IL
Damien Thorne of Plainfield, IL
Blynded of NW Indiana
Hell of Blades of Naperville, IL
Kills Thirst of Aurora, IL
Angel Fire of Elmhurst, IL
Acid Dime 7 of Chicago, IL
Little Blue Taxi
of Harvard, IL
Triggered Resistance of Aurora, IL
Vile Order of Oswego, IL
Angst and Agony, of Streamwood, IL
Ketene of Oak Park, IL
Killing Season of Aurora, IL
Unvoided of Oswego, IL
TerraKore of Oswego, IL
WHT of Chicago

Latin -
T-Naz de la Sierra of Aurora, IL
Ivana d'Arc of Chicago, IL

Hip-Hop/R&B -
Youlanda of Maylay Entertainment
Teknikal of Canada on Mint 45 Records
Onisty of Bolingbrook, IL
Wicked Clover of B-Town, IL
Sol FX of Glendale Heights, IL
Diggity of Glendale Heights, IL

Classical & Jazz -
The Guardians of Naperville, IL

Jazz Hooligans of Naperville, IL
Richard and Sara Moss of Downers Grove, IL
Commercial Music Institute of Chicago, IL
Bill Beach of Chicago, IL
David Byron of Aurora, IL
Rob Rodriguez of Elgin, IL
Yorkville Big Band of (you guessed it . . . ) Yorkville, IL

Reggae -
Suckerpunk of Woodridge, IL

If you wish to contact any of these bands, please send mail to (Band Name here) c/o Apocalypse Cow

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