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Corporate Work & Film Scoring-
Click here.

Tracking -
Basic recording for your project
will most likely be done in our live room which features a lofted ceiling, amp vault and an isolation booth. Your group can either all play together for initial tracking or each musician can play separately (or a combination of both). We can record up to 32 tracks at one time and layer hundreds of tracks with overdubs after initial tracking.

Mixing -
We can mix projects recorded here or elsewhere, with as many or few tracks as you have. Mixing is done at our standard hourly rate and you will get every tenth hour free. Not only do we have years of experience mixing, but we also have a large supply of pluggins for eq, reverb, compression, etc.

Mastering -

This is a hard step to quantify, but in simplest terms it's a little EQ, a little compression, and making songs as loud as they can be without starting to sound too squashed. Sequencing of the disc is also included in the mastering step. If you record your project here mastering will be charged hourly. If you bring songs to us just for mastering it will be charged by the song.

Production -

We can offer as little or as much production help as you want. If you need another (or 2) set of ears and another perspective on your project, we can definitely help you out in that department. If you have never recorded before and just want some help to getting things to go smoothly, we can do that too. If you have no music or arrangment ideas at all for a lyric you're working on . . . no problem. And because we are interested and love so many kinds of music, we are never hinderd by working in a given genre. Check out The Brothers Brooks for more information about the producers here. Or check out our song examples to hear what we have produced.

Broadcast ready songs to License -
We have a catalog of songs ready to be licensed for your project. We also write songs specifically for projects. For more information hear our examples.

Songwriting -
We also have a catalog of songs available for artists who do not write themselves. For more information click here.

Looping and Digital Wizardry-
We specialize in recontextualizing and digitally enhancing a combination of existing recordings, stock loops and homegrown samples to create something brand new. Within our arsenal, we have an exorbitant number of samples and loops, and thousands of sound FX. By utilizing cut-and-paste manipulation, sound-cancellation, pitch-shifting, and other cutting-edge, experimental editing techniques, we can multiply the elements of your band's sonic palette to almost limitless possibilities.

Podcast Production
We help with podcasts; from adding music to reading and recording your script.
Costs vary so contact us for a custom quote. Read more on our podcast production page.

Barcodes -
We can create and sell you a barcode for your project. This helps you get sold in many more stores and online outlets.

CD Duplication -
We can do short runs (under 500) of CD duplication with full color inkjet printing on the disc. Cost is $1.25 per disc delivered to you on a spool. For larger runs we can refer duplication houses to you.

Enhancement, Restoration and Noise Reduction -
Want to recover vintage recordings, give us a call.

Session Musicians -
Looking for someone who can play a certain part on a certain instrument? Chances are that we can help, since we know tons of musicians.

Lessons -

Want to to find a teacher for private lessons? Click here.

Video -
We can work with music videos and corporate video work to sync audio.

Graphics -
We can put you in touch with artists who can do the graphics for your CDs.

Legal Advice -
We can help with something as simple as copyrighting your materials, and we can help you find a music business/entetainment lawyer at contract time, or anything in-between.

Presskits -
We can give you advice about building a presskit for radio, print, and labels, and explain what the differences are between each one.

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