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Why record at Apocalypse Cow?
We pride ourselves on a fun and laid-back environment. I guess you could say "we take our fun very seriously". We collect every possible noise-producing toy, machinery and instrument we can get our grubby hooves on. Why? Because sometimes the song you're working on needs a drill or a Fisher-Price xylophone, or maybe a rusty dust pan my grandpa made.

Apocalypse Cow is a different kind of studio for a different kind of artist. We record, mix, master, sell barcodes and specialize in digital editing wizardry, MIDI sequencing and creating full arrangements for you that take your songs to the next level.

Some genres we enjoy recording are sample-based/experimental, guitar rock, solo artists, indie/college, space rock, country, power pop, post rock, and especially artists that are DIFFERENT!

We also do voice-overs, storytelling, scoring, jingles, and corporate work. We have flexible hours that can fit your needs, and within a mile of us are a Holiday Inn, a skate park, as well as many restaurants and fast food joints. Amenities include a full kitchen, large-screen television with DVD player and VCR with hundreds of movies to watch, thousands of CDs to listen to, an array of magazines and all the coffee or tea you can handle.

We can assist you in copyrighting your material, creating a press kit, and recommending lawyers and duplication manufacturers.

Simply put, Quality!
Because for digital recording, editing, mixing and mastering, there's really no other place like us. The Cow is the obvious choice.

Because, by recording entirely DDD and utilizing a combination of MIDI, loop-based, and live tracking techniques (along with our own decades of personal experience), we at The Cow are able to present you with a quality and clarity that'll knock your socks off.

Because we here at The Cow have a huge hunger for music of most (if not all) genres. The team has recorded songs in wildly different styles, from Power Pop, Emo, and Big Band to Nu Metal, Pop Punk, Space Rock, Classical, and Acoustic Folk Blues.

Because besides recording music, The Cow has recorded radio commercials and international corporate voice-over work.

Lastly, because we foster a healthy love of experimentation: If you want to do something off the beaten path, The Cow wants to take you there!

Why does The Cow record digitally?
Because you don't have to pay exorbitant prices for twenty-minute reels of tapes, and no time is spent rewinding and stretching the tape.

Because annoying amp hum and off-putting gasps for breath can all be easily edited out.

Because errors such as missed hits or dropped drumsticks can be replaced and fixed.

Because less-than-perfect performances can be edited.

Because if you're on a budget, an entire song can be recorded simply by performing only a verse and chorus once (to a click track) and then looping it up.

Because if you decide that the guitar sounds from the first day of recording aren't right, no problem: We always record a direct-in channel that can later be run through other amps and digital processors, which can double- and triple-up your takes to make them sound "strong like bull"!

Because an almost infinite number of virtual tracks are available to create an enormous "dozens o' dudes" sound by doubling, tripling, etc . . .

Because software plug-ins offer you a cornucopia of nifty special effects (e.g., delay, reverb, phazing, backmasking, flanging, band-passing, mic, amp, and room emulating, and auto-tuning, etc).

Because all effects can be added, removed or edited, and don't have to be committed to until absolute final mixdown.

Because we can easily sample CDs, DVDs, and VHSs for your songs, as well as from an extensive collection of royalty-free loops.

Into gear? Here is a list of ours.
Wanna hear our stuff, here it is.


Not all bands are the same, Apocalypse Cow a recording studio that's different.

To contact Apocalypse Cow Recording - info@callthecow.com - 630-897-9023