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Please also check out our licensing section of our website.

Broadcast ready/Licensing - If you are interested in licensing songs fully written by Apocalypse Cow, you will find examples of our work here. There are a few examples of songs currently available for licensing.

We can do voice-overs for videos and DVDs, using both in-house talent or talent we find for your project.

Background Music and Scoring, Foley And Sound Design-
We score music for video and DVD productions, such as those that we can lock to a video or DVD source. One real advantage of using us to write orginal music for your project is that we can add accents to the music at the same time your important visual points appear.

  • Independent films
  • In-house video
  • Commercial scoring and voice overlaying
  • Storytelling recording
  • Trade show reels
  • Integrated applications

Songwriting - If you are an artist looking for songs to sing and include on your album, we can help you out. We write songs for artists looking for these "outside songs." We have a catalog of mostly country and pop that you can use though we can also write songs specifically for you in any genre. Please contact us for more details about this aspect of Apocalypse Cow.

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Not all bands are the same; Apocalypse Cow, a recording studio that's different.

To contact Apocalypse Cow Recording - info@callthecow.com - 630-897-9023
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